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Karen Wrigglesworth – aka The Technical Storyteller – has always loved a good story and discovering how things work. She completed a degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch and has worked for local and central government, plus engineering and other organisations in New Zealand and Australia.

Engineers create technical solutions we rely on every day – from water that’s safe to drink and roads and railways that help us get around, to the electricity we cook with and use to heat and light our homes.

It’s fascinating to find out how our world works – and it’s also important.

Maybe you’re visiting The Technical Storyteller because you want to become an engineer yourself someday (or someone you care about).

Or perhaps you’re curious to learn about how technical things work?

Either way, we’re so glad you’re here!

All over the planet, communities need technical specialists to design and build infrastructure to solve any number of small or giant-sized problems.

And more than that, we all need to understand at least a little about how technical things work to ensure we build infrastructure that is resilient, fit-for-purpose, and considerate of the needs of all living things – including future generations.

Here at The Technical Storyteller, we know that engineering and technical stories don’t need to be ‘too hard’ for ordinary people to understand and enjoy. All it takes is the age-old power of story to captivate anyone, anywhere.


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