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The Technical Storyteller - Technical storytelling is sometimes called technical writing, technical communication, science communication or corporate storytelling. It is about using the power of story to engage employees, stakeholders, clients, students and the public with your vision, capabilities, innovation potential, technical heritage, complex products and points of difference. Technical storytelling is a powerful tool for building credibility, motivating people, and promoting critical thinking and rigorous problem-solving.

Benefits of
Technical Storytelling


For Employees

For employees, technical storytelling can help to:

Encourage creativity and innovation.
Build understanding of the company's purpose and how their work fits into the bigger picture.
Create emotional connections with their colleagues.
Enhance internal communication.
Increase motivation and engagement in their work.
Boost productivity.

For the Public

For the public, technical storytelling can help to:

Make information more memorable and engaging.
Build trust and credibility.
Create emotional connections with technical problem-solving.
Inspire people to take action.
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The Technical Storyteller

Narrative Writing

Here are a few examples of how technical storytelling can be used:

A non-profit organisation could share the stories of the people they help, in order to raise awareness of their work and inspire people to donate.

A company could highlight their commitment to sustainability, in order to build trust with consumers and attract new customers.

A government agency could educate the public about a new program or policy, in order to increase engagement and support.


Technical copywriting is the process of writing clear and concise copy about complex technical products or services. It is a specialised form of copywriting that requires a deep understanding of the product or service being described, as well as the target audience.

As Technical copywriters, we write a variety of materials, including:

► Product descriptions ► User manuals ► White papers ► Case studies ► Blog posts

► Technical documentation ► Website copy ► Marketing materials

Technical Storytelling

How to Use Technical Storytelling

If you're interested in using technical storytelling in your business, here are a few tips:

Be authentic. Your stories should be genuine and reflect the true culture and values of your organisation.

Be specific. Don't just tell people about your company; tell them stories about your employees, your customers, and your impact on the world.

Be creative. There are many different ways to tell a story. You can share your stories with video, audio, text, and even social media.

Be consistent. Make storytelling a regular part of your communication strategy.

Technical storytelling is a powerful tool for engaging employees and the public. As a technical storyteller, Karen uses stories to help you connect with your audience, build trust, motivate people, and promote collaboration in the engineering and science communication fields. She is also a strong advocate for technical writing and engineering heritage.

If you're not already using technical storytelling in your business, we encourage you to try it. You’ll be surprised at the positive difference it makes – improving understanding and engagement at all levels.

Karen Wrigglesworth

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