Lockdown: the ideal time for a little wordplay

This ANZAC weekend is really turning on the sun at our place, and being still in Lockdown Level 4 until Tuesday means I am making the most of it.

Life seems to like mixing it up with the good and the not-so-good, don’t you find? For me at the moment, this means that I’m busier than ever with ‘work’ work – the stuff I do to pay the bills (and very grateful for it, too, when many others aren’t so lucky right now). As a result, though, I’m also less able to put the time I’d like into my creative practice.

But it’s not all bad! The flip side is that I’m learning to play with words again, and having a go at writing a little poetry.

Who knew writing poems could be so ‘unserious’ – even fun?!

A huge bonus for me is that I’ve recently celebrated having my first poem accepted for publication! Of course, with the Covid-19 situation going on I’m having to wait for the actual hard copy to arrive in my mailbox. But I can at least share the cover with you – yay!

And if you’d like to support NZ poetry and those supporting fledgling poets like myself, check out the NZPS site and get yourself a copy of a fine line magazine on order!

a fine line autumn 2020 digital 1

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